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Tony Parella characterized the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association as “a lemonade stand at best” when he bought it in 2012.

No one would call the fast-accelerating enterprise that now, as its vintage racing series rolls into the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this month for an event expected to draw hundreds of competitors and tens of thousands of spectators, and drive millions of dollars into the local economy.

The Indianapolis event—one of the series’ biggest—is a cornerstone in the association’s growth plan, Parella said.

Racing at the Brickyard was one of Tony’s early goals, he said, because Indianapolis’ central location makes it accessible to a wide range of vintage car enthusiasts. Plus, it’s the racing capital of the world, “and you can’t deny the allure of this place. It’s everybody’s dream to race here,” he said.

ParellaTony Parella

Tony expects to draw nearly 30,000 June 16-18 to the fourth annual Brickyard Vintage Racing Invitational. “That’s ticket-buying attendees,” he said. Not bad for an event Speedway officials were initially hesitant to host.

Parella’s characterization of the association in 2012 is not a knock on previous owner Peter McLaughlin or founder Ford Heacock III. Parella explained simply: “I have a different vision.”

That vision includes building the association and its race series beyond serving its members’ desire to race old cars.

In the nearly five years since the 57-year-old Dallas-area entrepreneur bought the group, it has grown membership from 490 to 2,600 and sponsorships from zero to 28—including recent deals with Harley-Davidson, NetJets, Jaguar, Land Rover, Capital One and Hoosier Tire.

Parella also has added 10 races to SVRA’s now 15-race calendar, and the association’s revenue is 22 times higher than it was in 2012, he said, although he declined to provide figures. Parella has overhauled the organization’s revenue formula.
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Willie T
William “Willy” Theodore Ribbs, Jr. is a retired American race car driver, racing owner, and sport shooter known for being the first African-American man to have tested a Formula One car in 1986 and the first to compete in the Indianapolis 500 in 1991. Ribbs competed in many forms of auto racing, including the Trans-Am Series, IndyCar, Champ Car, IMSA, and the NASCARSprint Cup Series and Craftsman Truck Series. After retiring, he became a sport shooter in the National Sporting Clays Association.

Willie Tsaw his most success in the Trans-Am Series, winning 17 races while driving for such names as Dan Gurney and Jack Roush. Ribbs’ talent was at times limited by a lack of good equipment, and eclipsed at times by his strong personality.


                                Al Unser Jr

Al Jr is the son of 4 time 500 winner Al Sr. and is a 2 time Indy 500 winner in 1992 and 1994. Al currently drives across the country for Speedway Motors, headquartered in Lincoln Nebraska, demonstrating their cars and products.


                                                              John Martin

 John  is a five-time Indy 500 starter and has outstanding credentials in road race competition. An excellent mechanic he converted his 1963 Corvette Sting Ray into an A-Production race car and went SCCA racing. He was national champion in 1964 and went professional in 1966. He drove an AMC Javelin in the classic days of Trans Am and tackled the Indianapolis 500 in 1972.

                       Robby Unser
Donnie Beechler is unable to get to Indy in time so additional guests have been added…