Show guests for Tuesday September 11th…

The 2018 Show presented by Honda and HPD, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Verizon IndyCar Series and the SVRA will stream live on  Tuesday September 11th live from McGilvery’s Speedway.. 3009 No High School Road.. beginning at 7PM ET.
The program can be seen/heard by logging onto then click on the YouTube link just below the screen to watch the live stream on YouTube. The show is also streamed live on the autosportradioshow Facebook page. 
When the program concludes you will find the archive available on YouTube. Log onto and put..”autosportradioshow“.. in the search box and click to see the past shows.
Scheduled guests… 

Conor Daly

“I’ve been at Indy car races since my birth, so it’s a dream come true. It’s been crazy. It has been so tough. There have been a lot of moments were I have considered what else can I do. I can forget about all that stuff now. I can look forward and not look back. I want to compete every weekend for a top 10. I have no doubt we can do that and we should have a good shot at doing that.”

This season Conor has been strapped into a number of series..IndyCar, Infinity and a Midget Car on the Dirt Track at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. He has actually performed excellently in all of the events.

What is next for Conor for 2019?

Another guest being arranged…