November 13th guests for the Show…

The 2018 Show presented by Honda and HPD, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Verizon IndyCar Series and the SVRA will stream live on  Tuesday November 13th live fromMcGilvery’s Speedway.. 3009 No High School Road.. beginning at 7PM ET.

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Scheduled guests…         





                                             Louie Meyer lll

                                                  aka “Butch”

                                                    (On right)

                                             TabsTachnologies LLC

2012 to June 2018
Designed and built the facility used by Tabs Technologies. Installation
of Dyno Cells, Superflow Engine Dyno, all Controls and Instrumentation. Installation of
Engine and Turbocharger Assembly Clean Labs. Procurement of Machinery and set up
of machine Shop, Fabrication Shop and Engineering Design Offices. Oversaw Engineers
in design of Turbocharger and Engine Testing Equipment and Instrumentation. Preformed
Machine and Fabrication Work on all Turbocharger and Supercharger parts and
installations. Diesel, Gasoline and Ethanol Engine Assembly, Dyno Operation, Testing
and Product Development.
Frank Weiss Componets 2009 to 2012
Responsibilities: Machine, Assemble, Develop NASCAR Sprint Cup and Sprint Car Oil
Systems, Engine Starting Systems and Exhaust Systems. Preformed all Engine related
machine work for Racing Prototypes.
Gutherie Meyer Racing 2008 to 2009
Team Owner, Formulated budgets, Managed ten employees, Oversaw preparation
of cars and equipment, Managed Team Logistics for a three car IRL Indy Lights Team.
Drivers: Ali Jackson, Jessie Mason and Shaun Guthrie.
Indy Racing League Technical Director Firestone Indy Lights
Managed Indy Lights Infinity Engine Program, Dallara Indy Lights Chassis Development
Program, Technical Inspection Processes, Design of Technical Inspection Tooling and
Tech Pad. Assisted in writing Indy Lights Rule Book and was active on Rules Committee.
Oversaw Indy Lights Race Control and Pit Lane Techs. Managed Indy Lights Driver
Development Program, Administered over 100 Indy Lights Drivers Tests. Maintained
Annual Budget Requirements and Managed 20 Indy Lights Technical Inspection and
Pit Tech Employees.
Frank Wiess Components 2009-2012
Oversaw All Engine related Programs for Indy Car, NASCAR Truck and
REMAX Stock Car Teams. Managed Day to Day Operations, Engine Dept. Budgets, Travel
Budgets and HR for 18 employees. As Team and General Manager oversaw Day to Day
Operations of Indy Car, NASCAR Truck and REMAX Teams Chassis and Engine Programs.
Managed all Team Budgets, Logistics and HR for over 32 employees. Traveled to all Indy
Car and NASCAR Truck Races, Traveled to 50 percent of REMAX Races. IRL Indy Car
Champions 1997 and 1999, 10 Indy Car Race wins, 25 Top Five Finishes and 26 Pole
Wins in 50 consecutive Indy Car Events. In was awarded the NASCAR Truck Series
Engine Builder Award for Track Record, Pole Position and Race win at Texas International
Granatelli Racing Head Engine Builder 1987 to 1992
Responsibilities: All Engine relate Disassembly, Assembly, Machine Work. Dyno Operator,
Engine Tuning and Development. Chassis and Pit Equipment Fabrication.
Patrick Racing Head Engine Builder/Engine Department Manager/Chassis Construction 1973 to 1986 Patrick Racing Indianapolis, IN
Responsibilities: Manage Patrick Racing Engine Dept Employees, Preform and Oversee
all Engine Assembly, Development, Engine and Chassis related Machine Work,
Dyno Operations, Gearbox Assembly and Development and some Chassis Construction
Fabrication. Trained at Ilmor Engineering under the direction of Mario Illien and Paul
Morgan for the CART Chevrolet Indy Car Engine Program. Won the Indy 500 1973 and
1982, 33 CART race Wins, 154 top five finishes and 1 CART Championship.
Louie Meyer Inc 1965 to 1985             Louis Meyer Inc Indianapolis, IN
At the age of ten I began working with my Grandfather and Father at our family business
Louis Meyer Inc. Louis Meyer Inc. was the sole engine supplier for the FORD Motor
Company Indy Car Engine Program. I started disassembling engines, washing parts,
learning how to use the engine rebuilding equipment, sweeping floors and cleaning
the restrooms. Everyday after school and on weekends I would be at the shop doing
what I loved. I have raced as a driver, Quarter midgets, Go karts, Sprint Cars, Mini Indy
Cars and Thunder Roadsters. Driving is fun but my real passion is building race cars
and engines that win.

Legacy USF 2000 car

         Mike Meyer

Newly formed Legacy Autosport made its debut at the upcoming Chris Griffis Memorial Test at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on September 22-23, with drivers Alex Barron and another to be announced at a later date. Located in Lebanon, Indiana, the team is owned and operated by veteran Road to Indy veteran and Indy Lights car chief and mechanic Louis “Mike” Meyer. Meyer’s father Butch will be act as car chief.

The name Legacy Autosport comes from Mike’s great-grandfather and Butch’s grandfather Louis Meyer, the first three-time Indy 500 champion. Mike Meyer has spent the previous 13 years in Indy Lights, earning five championships and four Freedom 100 victories. Most recently, he was victorious with Alex Baron during the first half of the 2018 USF2000 series, winning on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course.

Butch Meyer brings experience in building IndyCar motors for several manufacturers and teams, in addition to five years as technical director of the Indy Lights program and as an owner/operator of an Indy Lights team. The operation’s staff includes Ryan Barth (formally of RJB Motorsports), who brings experience from three years in the USF2000 series, handling logistics and team management. The team’s engineer will be announced after the IndyCar season.

“I am excited for this next step, to be able to give these young drivers the training and fundamentals to move up the ladder system, and to help them obtain the goal of someday reaching IndyCar and racing in the Indianapolis 500,” Meyer said. “We have assembled team members and partners who are some of the most experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated in the industry. We are all excited for the future and ready to get on track.”

Metalloid, the green metal working fluid manufacturer company, is a key sponsor.

 Scott Jasek


Two-seat rides at Indy have been offered since 2001, when the Indy Racing Experience (IRE) debuted. Though stunningly fast, clocking 180mph, the runs were kept at about 75% of Indy 500 pole-qualifying speeds for safety. But the goal from the beginning, says Scott Jasek, an ex-Budget Rental Car executive and one of three partners at IRE, was to provide customers a true 200mph experience. Now that the group has a 15-year record of safety, insurance companies and sponsors agreed that the time was finally right.

Like many small businesses, IRE started over a few beers. One night Jasek, Jeff Sinden and Joe Kennedy were blowing off steam when Jasek naively asked his two friends, part-owners of a race team, whether he could drive their Indy car. He was told that the machine was too delicate, that he could easily damage it if he over-revved the engine or didn’t shift correctly. So Jasek wondered aloud: What if we stretch the car, put in a second seat and allow a pro racer to handle the driving chores while a passenger just goes along for the ride?

After taking out a $1 million loan secured by the three men’s houses, IRE bought liability insurance, built a pair of custom two-seaters with Italian chassis manufacturer Dallara and secured Firestone as a sponsor. Since then the company has provided more than 50,000 thrill rides for fans, sponsors, and sports writers across the country.


See you Tuesday evening at McGilvery’s Speedway