Final 2018 Show guests on Tuesday December 18th…

The 2018 Show presented by Honda and HPD, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Verizon IndyCar Series and the SVRA will stream live on  Tuesday December 18th live from McGilvery’s Speedway.. 3009 No High School Road.. beginning at 7PM ET.

The program can be seen/heard by logging onto then click on the YouTube link just below the screen to watch the live stream on YouTube. The show is also streamed live on the autosportradioshow Facebook page. 
When the program concludes you will find the archive available on YouTube. Log onto and put..”autosportradioshow“.. in the search box and click to see the past shows.
Scheduled guests…

                                                    Danny White
Danny has been involved in motorsports in a number jobs. He has worked on several teams so along the way foster a number of ways to educate kids who might have an interest in getting into motorsports.
Danny  became affiliated with Purdue University and formulated a motorsports program that has exploded.  The things the students have been doing is amazing and the future is absolutely amazing. you will astounded.
From Purdue…
Motorsports is big business in Indiana — $4 billion big. Teams increasingly need highly skilled technicians to engineer cars both for speed and safety.

At Purdue, we take a different approach to motorsports education. Students choose their own specific discipline — whether it’s engineering, technology or another area that suits their interests — and then combine that curriculum with motorsports courses that offer in-depth knowledge about the industry.

Why do we take this innovative approach? It’s simple — that’s the approach our industry partners tell us they prefer. And we’ve seen the results. Our students secure jobs with top companies. Andretti Autosport. Pratt & Miller. Dreyer Motorsports. Dallara. That’s just to name a few. Walk down pit lane at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and you will find Purdue alums. We provide the industry with students who have exposure to the latest motorsports technology, along with a strong knowledge of STEM disciplines.

There’s no substitute for experience, and Linda Mansfield has solid experience as a motorsports journalist and public relations representative.

Raised in the sprint car hotbed of Central Pennsylvania (yes, she’s a member of the Pennsylvania Posse!), she had a motorsports column in her local newspaper before she was old enough to have a driver’s permit. That led to assignments in other sports, general spot news, and even local and state government beats on a part-time basis while in high school and college.

When she was graduated from Shippensburg (Pa.) University with a degree in communications and a double major of print journalism and advertising and public relations, she had already written more than 100 newspaper articles on a wide variety of topics; had been a steady contributor to the souvenir programs at several racetracks, and had sold a feature story to Stock Car Racing magazine. That impressed the dean of American motorsports journalists, Chris Economaki, who hired her as the first woman staffer at National Speed Sport News.

In addition Linda is an author. She has written a series of books that make great Christmas presents. They are short stories that involve motorsports.

The following is highlights of an interview with Linda…

  • I am an Indianapolis-based author, reporter, and public-relations representative. I own Restart Communications, a motorsports PR firm. My book of fictional short stories with a Christmas theme, “Stories for the 12 Days of Christmas,” was published in April 2015. I anticipate having three sequels out in 2017.
  • Tell us about your newest book. “Stories for the 12 Days of Christmas” is a self-published collection of 13 fictional but realistic stories set at Christmas to provide short breaks for teens through seniors. It is not a kids’ book nor is it a romance. Seven of the stories have female main characters and six have male main characters from diverse backgrounds.
  • Do you recall how your interest in writing originated? I won an essay-writing contest in junior-high school that gave me the confidence to pursue journalism. I became a reporter at my local newspaper while still in high school, and I’ve been a reporter, editor and PR person ever since.
  • What are your current projects? I’m working on three stand-alone sequels to “Stories for the 12 Days of Christmas” entitled “Twelve Stories for Spring,” “Twelve Stories for Summer” and “Twelve Stories for Fall.” I plan to release all three in 2017.

Last guest for 2018

The last guest of the 2018 season is coming from a great distance and it is a hope that he can, in fact, make it to McGilvery’s on time. This will be a super effort to get all the way to Speedway.

When does make it you will be astounded on the stories he can and will tell. don’t miss this night or you will kick yourself for not making it.

If all goes to plan you will be glad you came to McGilvery’s for the final program of 2018. It will be a Christmas treat to remember… 2019 Show will return on January 8th with an already scheduled guest. you won’t want to miss this guest..

See you Tuesday evening at McGilvery’s in Speedway