Guests for Tuesday February 12th on the 2019 Show…

The 2019 Show presented by Honda and HPD, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the NTT IndyCar Series and the SVRA will stream live on  Tuesday February 12th live from McGilvery Speedway 3009 No. High School Road beginning at 7PM EST.

The program can be seen/heard by logging then click on the YouTube link just below the screen to watch the live stream on YouTube. The show is also streamed live on the autosportradioshow Facebook page and Twitter. 
When the program concludes you will find the archive available on YouTube. Log onto and put..”autosportradioshow“.. in the search box and click to see the past shows.
Scheduled guests…
     Chuck Buckman, Crew Chief for Dale Coyne Racing (2008)
Chuck has been involved in motorsports for many years. In 1996 he and Paul Diatlovich decided to team up and get a team together when along came the Indy Racing league so they were off and running. It was something of a struggle to find funding to really do the job top shelf, but they worked hard to get things in order to go racing.
Chuck was hooked on racing as a young kid and like a lot of us got into it and haven’t left the sport yet. Currently Chuck does restoration and other work that keeps him busy.
           Derek Daly

On Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2018, WISH-TV Indianapolis ran a story on the 10:30 p.m. news broadcast that made four specific points about the controversy surrounding the sudden retirement of Indianapolis Colts radio announcer Lamey.

According to the document, WISH-TV said on its newscast, “Lamey was retelling a story from 35 years ago and in that story, Lamey used a racial slur — WISH- TV has learned that the original story came from racing analyst Derek Daly.”

Stoesz’s document says, “THIS IS NOT TRUE — Lamey’s story and racial slur was not from 35 years ago as he thought, His story came from somewhere else, some other time and he mixed up where he thought he heard it from. He mistakenly attributed the story (to) Derek Daly, and WISH-TV was informed by Daly in writing, four hours before their broadcast, that Lamey’s story did NOT come from him.”

Lamey claimed it was a comment Daly made to Lamey during a live radio interview in the early 1980s, but according to Daly’s attorney, “Daly was never interviewed by Lamey.”

The newscast also stated, “We spoke with Daly and he confirmed that he was the source of Lamey’s story.”

Stoesz said, “How could Daly confirm an interview that never happened? He was never even asked by WISH if he was the source of Lamey’s story.”

The final part of the television newscast stated, “WISH-TV never had any knowledge of Daly’s interview with Lamey and in light of the news, WISH-TV is severing ties with Derek Daly effectively, immediately”

Stoesz’s response in the court filing is, “How could they have knowledge of an interview that never happened?

See you Tuesday evening at McGilvery’s Speedway….