Guests on the Show for Tuesday May 14th…

The 2019 Show presented by Honda and HPD, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the NTT IndyCar Series and the SVRA will stream live on Tuesday May 14th live from McGilvery’s Speedway 3009 No. High School Road beginning at 7PM EST.

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1st Scheduled guest…


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Mario Andretti

One of the greatest and most versatile racing drivers of all-time.
Was the 1978 Formula 1 World Champion, IROC Champ in 1980, CART Champ in 1965, ’66, ’69, ’84.
Winner of the 1969 Indianapolis 500, 1967 Daytona 500, 1969 Pikes Peak Hill Climb, and Daytona & Sebring endurance events.
Won the 1969 Indianapolis 500.
Won the 1967 Daytona 500.
Was the 1978 Formula 1 World Champion.
Won 52 races in USAC/CART racing competition. Won 12 races in Formula 1 competition, the most of any American driver.
Only man to win the Indy 500, Daytona 500, CART title and F1 title.
Moved to the US from Italy in 1955.
Has identical twin brother, Aldo Andretti.
Born in Croatia to Italian parents, he and his family spent several years after World War II in European refugee camps before emigrating to the US.
Uncle of race driver John Andretti.
Used to race for Paul Newman’s Newman-Haas team.
Father of Michael Andretti, Barbara Andretti (Barbie Andretti) and Jeff Andretti.

Had planned to become a welder, but at age 19 he falsified a driver’s license so he could pass for 21 and enter an amateur car race.
Became a U.S. citizen in 1964.
Like their father, both Michael Andretti and Jeff Andretti were Indy 500 Rookies of the Year, Michael in 1984 and Jeff in 1991.
During a practice lap before the qualifying sessions for the 1977 Indy 500, he became the first driver at the track to top 200 mph.
Inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame in 2005.
In April 2003 he shook down one of his son Michael’s IRL cars at Indy when the car flipped 30 feet into the air off Turn One, high enough to clear the fencing. He emerged unhurt in the second turn.

Mentioned in the 1973 song “Uneasy Rider” by The Charlie Daniels Band.


        Brian Belardi

Championship-winning Indy Lights team owner Brian Belardi has a plan to bring Belardi Auto Racing into the NTT IndyCar Series. The Indiana-based program, which fields three Lights cars this season and won the first race at St. Petersburg with Zachary Claman De Melo, isn’t in a rush to get to IndyCar as a full-time entrant.

Continuing his association with the Byrd family and Brad Hollinger, Belardi is back as a co-entrant with James Davison’s Indy 500 program that will be run by Dale Coyne Racing. As many other IndyCar entrants have done, building upon the co-entry platform is the best way forward for Belardi.

“IndyCar is definitely in our future at some point,” he told RACER. “Last year, I got my feet wet, and this year I’m just trying to build on the experience that I had last year as far as knowledge and everything that goes along with IndyCar. But I could see co-entries being the major force for the next couple of years.”

With IndyCar looking to introduce a new chassis in 2022, Belardi says it’s smarter to hold off on making major purchases until after the current Dallara DW12 chassis is retired.

“When the new chassis does come out, I think that would be the smart time to actually do it,” he said. “I really don’t have a timeline put on when we’d go; it’s going to be more based on relationships, B to B, those types of deals. And I think I made some significant progress, actually, in COTA, which will be a part of the Indy 500 effort this year. So I’m hoping to get that wrapped up here pretty quick, because without that, it’s going to be difficult. It will honestly be difficult for me to do the 500 this year. But I think it’s looking very good right now.”

Belardi is looking to add an IndyCar program to his future plans, rather than move his Indy Lights team up to the big series and leave a void behind on the Road To Indy.

“I really enjoy Indy Lights, and with our drivers, the team’s goal is to get them to IndyCar,” he said. “That’s our business model right now. Gabby Chaves has been there, Zach Veach is in there right now, Felix Rosenqvist is turning out to be a star. It’s nice to see things like that progress. I never promise a driver that, ‘Hey, if we win the championship, we’re going to go IndyCar racing with my team.’

“I guess the analogy would be for me is I look at it more of as a AAA baseball team, if you will, or a college football program trying to get the players to the NFL or major league baseball. So that’s the approach that I take. I really just want to focus on what we’re doing as far as a team to try and win championships, and to get these drivers to the next level. So taking our team out of Lights isn’t what we’re going for.”


We will also have Desiree Jaynes to learn about the Speedway Museum and the art exhibits planned for display in Speedway during May.

See you Tuesday evening at McGilvery’s Speedway