Championship Within A Championship; Hartman Cup Announced

The championship was developed with the vision of encouraging driver development in different situations; night racing and multiple track configurations. It is designed to challenge drivers and show the best of the best when faced with challenging circumstances, an ideal embraced by Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing Development and partner Wink Hartman.
“Since the beginning of my racing involvement, I have always believed there should be a priority placed on driver development and teaching the process the right way,” Hartman said. “Whiteland Raceway Park is an avenue that allows us to place a renewed energy on this principal. The Hartman Cup will allow young drivers to gain experience and start that development process that will be vital as they continue to move through the ranks of racing.”
The Hartman Cup Championship will be scored by the same point system as the regular season championship, but will only take into account the top four finishes out of the five night races. It allows for those who may not be able to participate in the full season to still have a chance at championship run. All participants must be members of Whiteland Raceway Park in order to be eligible.
All participants will receive points for both the Hartman Cup as well as the regular season championship. Each class champion will be crowned at the last race of the regular season, October 19.
Details for the regular season banquet will be released soon.
The first race of the Hartman Cup is this Friday, July 12. Entry forms and additional race information can be found at