Guests on Tuesday October 24th for the 2019 Show

The 2019 Show presented by Honda and HPD, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the NTT IndyCar Series and the SVRA will stream live on Tuesday October 24th live from McGilvery’s Speedway 3009 No. High School Road beginning at 7PM EST.The program can be seen/heard by logging onto then click on the YouTube link just below the screen to watch the live stream on YouTube. The show is also streamed live on the autosportradioshow Facebook page. When the program concludes you will find the archive available on YouTube. Log onto and put..”autosportradioshow”.. in the search box and click to see the past shows.
Scheduled guests..

Jay Howard

JHDD ( Jay Howard Driver Development) offers a couple of options for it’s drivers. Full arrive and drive programs that are all inclusive, the driver turns up with their kit bag and JHDD handles everything on the drivers behalf, no hassle, no problems, just focus on driving. Second option is where the drivers purchase their own car, JHDD, stores, services, maintains, prepares, tunes, transports, trackside services/support, engineering services, driver coaching, mechanic services, an exact replica program of the arrive and drive, only the driver owns the car instead of leasing from the team.
Included in the program, items such as; professionally prepared race car, trackside spares and support, intense off season test program where team owner Jay Howard will help develop the car, set the car up, set lap time goals for his drivers which include the unique opportunity to study Jay’s data and onboard video to see where the time can be found. The teams ability to put Jay in the car at any given point gives the team a distinct advantage, it is a critical asset in itself, something that again separates the team from the rest. More services include hospitality, custom team apparel, custom made race suit, custom bead seat, data analysis, video analysis, extensive education on helping the drivers understand the changes being made and what to expect, technical advice, all tires, entry fees, race fuel, brake pads, everything needed for the car to run, we cover this for you.

Steve Wittich

Steve is one of two writers for Trackside Online. Steve’s main responsibility is covering the Road to Indy presented by Cooper Tire. He is well respcted in the paddock. So his writing comes right from the subject of the question. Steve also covers IndyCar when Patrick Stephan is unable to make an event.From this weekends Chris Griffis test Steve wrote the following update from the ninth annual Chris Griffis Memorial Test. For the seventh time, the road course at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway played host to all three steps on the Road To Indy Presented by Cooper Tires ladder.TSO Ladder has made this point each time we’ve covered this event, but we’re going to make it again and go one step further. We won’t call testing times meaningless, but we will reiterate that they are one of the last things that we look at when the two days of testing are done.Need proof? If you take nine previous years of the Chris Griffis Memorial Test and multiply it by three, you come up with 27 drivers that have led the annual end of season test. Of those 27 drivers, only five (that’s 18.5%) have won the championship the next year.So, what do we pay attention to? How well does the driver progress from day to day and session to session? How does a driver that is new to the Road To Indy acclimate themselves to the car and tires? How does a driver fit in well with a new team? How ready is a driver that makes the jump to the next level? How does a driver interact with their teammates? How seriously does a driver take the test? These are all questions we attempt to answer before looking at the timesheets.

See you Tuesday evening at McGilvery’s Speedway..