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The Show is having guests that are very difficult to get on Tuesday evening as they not in town or not available when they are here. These guests are sponsors or partners of the Series and series officals. These are people that make everything happen. To watch Autosportradio programs simply go to and click just below the screen on the right or log onto and put autosportradio show in the search box at the top and all showswill be there.

                                                                       Doug Boles

The running of the greatest spectacle in racing, the Indianapolis 500, is just a couple of months away and the familiar rhythmic pulse of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) has slowly begun to bring the majestic venue in anticipation of another spectacular IndyCar Race Day August 23rd

Behind the scenes, on center stage and everywhere in between, works the president of IMS and Zionsville resident, Doug Boles. Fervently leading the colossal team of individuals that is required to mange this extraordinary and historic venue, Boles must find balance between his duty to the track as well as to his family. This feat Boles has been able to manage only with the support of his wife and their four sons.