Guest for the 2020 Show on May 16th…

The Show is fortunate having guests that are very difficult to get on Tuesday evening as they not in town or not available when they are here. These guests are sponsors or partners of the Series and series  officials. These are people that make everything happen.To watch Autosportradio programs simply go to and click just below the screen on the right or log onto and put autosportradio show in the search box at the top and all shows will be there.

  Steve Wittich  

Steve is a co-writer for Trackside On Line that covers the NTT IndyCar Series. They, he and Patrick Stephan, keep IndyCar fans up to speed with all the activities from team PR to the Series information that team PR’s put out. If there is anything that fans would like to know Trackside On Line has it. They put out about 6000 releases per year so you can be sure you know what is going on most any given day. And the good thing with Trackside Online is the excellent relationship they have with teams and officials.Steve also covers the Road To Indy Ladder report as well. You will be assured of know the teams, sponsors and drivers throughout the year. Trackside On Line will keep you informed. To subscribe you need only to log onto and sign up. A one year subscription is olny $22.