Guest on the November 4th 2020 Show


Scott Jasek                                                   aka.. “Chicago’s Own”

Founded in 2001, the Indy Racing Experience provides fans the ultimate opportunity of a lifetime by experiencing the high speeds of IndyCar racing with our driving and 2-seater programs. While casually talking one afternoon in a small garage on Gasoline Alley in Indianapolis, Scott Jasek, Joe Kennedy and Jeff Sinden imagined stretching out a regular IndyCar Series car to allow for a passenger to sit behind the driver and truly experience the speed and pressure that comes with IndyCar racing. Nearly a decade later, the Indy Racing Experience has evolved into a one-of-a-kind experience for race fans and car enthusiasts.
To date, the Indy Racing Experience has given more than 12,000 rides to celebrities, media, race fans and car enthusiasts over the past eight years. However, the history of the company and its owners extends back more than 20 years.

Scott is the Vice Chairman – Experiential Events Group … a new property that they have purchased. It is a big addition as it is involved in numerous various services. They work with hospitality. movies, Mecum Auctions to name a few of the business operations.