2021 Show on June 27th..


                                    Heather Carpenter and kids                                 

President of the Indy Family foundation

The Benevolent Fund of Motorsports, Inc. offers financial aid to members of the IndyCar racing community and their families in times of need caused by death, injury, or illness.
The Benevolent Fund of Motorsports, Inc. also awards money to ill and injured members of the motor racing community at large.
Eligible motor racing participants include mechanics, drivers, course workers, support personnel, public relations and media workers, team owners, and administrative personnel.
Locally known as the Indy Family Foundation they have been quit since the virus arrived thus the fund raising has been slowed way down. Even under a slow down the Indy Family Foundation is doing what they are pledged to do.With Heather Carpenter and her team things will improve in 2021 and beyond.