About Don Kay

don_ky_governorAutosportradio.com is the fastest hour in motorsports and is hosted by Don Kay. The show features interviews with the best drivers, car owners, team members, and sponsors from all forms of auto racing – starting with the IndyCar Series and the crown jewel of racing…the Indianapolis 500.
Producer and host for Autosportradio.com, Don Kay remembers attending the short track races in the Chicago area as a kid, Soldiers Field, O’Hare Raceway, and Blue Island Speedway. In 1959 and 1960, he went to a theater to watch the Indy 500 on closed circuit and had no interest. However, after being convinced to go to Indy in 1963 and watching the cars come out of turn 4 for don_crew_shotthe start first hand, he was hooked.

After spending what was, at the time, a lot of money to follow the circuit, it occurred to Don that a television show would be a way of going to the races and get paid at the same time. He started off in 1968 and quickly got carried away. Instead of just following the Indy Cars, he also started going to NASCAR races, before it even became popular. From there he started going to Formula 1, then Drag Racing, eventually working for an IndyCar team in 1982 and starting a radio program.

After moving back to Indy, to work with another IndyCar team, Don Kay started don_dick_simon_crewAutosportradio.com once again after the show’s 5 year hiatus. Since then, the show has grown not only in Indy, but to have a worldwide following.