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The latest from IndyCar

                    Verizon IndyCar Series~~~~~~~~~

Online Racing Services, LLC (aka TrackSideOnline) is pleased to announce a few changes for the 2016 racing season. First, the ownership of ORS, LLC is now comprised of Patrick Stephan, Joe Berkemeier and Steve Wittich. Joe and I are very pleased to have Steve join us as not only a content contributor, but also helping out on the management side of the vast ORS media empire.

With Steve on board, we spent a lot of time this past fall thinking about what we wanted to cover, and how we wanted to cover it. Our conclusion, was that our readers would be best served by having TrackSideOnline.com presented by Honda Racing/HPD focus mostly on the Verizon IndyCar Series. To commemorate this change – we got a new LOGO!


Yet, we still LOVE the Mazda Road to Indy and all of the other American feeder series that work to develop and train drivers as they attempt to “climb the ladder” to the Verizon IndyCar Series.

For that reason, we are actually expanding our feeder series coverage through our brand new website, TSOLadder.com. At TSOLadder.com we will be able to provide the focus that we believe these young drivers rightfully deserve.

Yes, TrackSideOnline.com will still cover the MRTI, but it will be in a bit more of a “highlighted” format. The fully detailed coverage (and more of it) will be at TSOLadder.com.


We firmly believe that by splitting the coverage between the two sites, we will be able to offer our readers a cleaner, less cluttered experience. We all know that on those weekends where all four series are racing (VICS, Lights, ProMazda, and USF2000), the coverage has tended to get either cluttered or somewhat compressed. We have heard your feedback that sifting through 1000’s and sometimes 10’s of thousands of word in a day to find the nugget that YOU wanted can sometimes be difficult.

By making this separation, it’s our hope that readers will be able to find the news and information they want quickly and efficiently.

Some of that efficiency will come from a lot of hard work Joe did this off-season to upgrade our “back-office” systems. While you might not be able to see all of this, we are expecting huge time savings from these system changes. One “off track” change you will see is that we’ve upgraded our subscription/payment engine – to one that appears to actually WORK properly (ie, automagically). Trust me, we heard your frustrations with the old system and it was a giant time waster for us, so it’s – GONE! The new one seems to be working well so far – YEAH!

If you are a vintage car buff do yourself a favor and log onto www.svra.com and subscribe to Vintage Racing Quarterly. It is a first class magazine that keeps you up to date with the Sportscar Vintage Racing events will be staged, when and read about the cars we grew up loving. You also get interviews with some of the drivers who actually raced the cars.
It is a very worth while quarterly that all Vintage car fans will want to have. It would make a great

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Susie and her sons Sebastian and Oliver thank you for your contribution. All monies go directly the Alzheimer's Foundations.
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